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彩電業負重前行 5G+8K是否會逼出新的領軍者?

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文章摘要: 免費發布信息發現在彩電市場低迷的今天,8k超清電視或許會成為新的市場領軍者!......

once upon a time, as the focus of family entertainment, the status of color TV can be imagined naturally. But the "middle-aged" color TV industry has fallen into the trough of life, and has not been rid of the trough for a long time.
Q1 in 2019, the domestic color TV market is still depressed, retail sales and retail sales are both falling. According to data from third-party authoritative agencies, the retail sales of China's electricity market in Q 1 this year were only 183.4 billion yuan, down 3.1% from the same period last year. At the same time, Oviyun also said that although China's color TV market rarely opened in January this year, but in February and March, the color TV market fell into a downturn again, the total retail volume of color TV in the whole quarter was 12.02 million units, down 1.1% year-on-year.
Even though the promotional strategies of the major color power plants are constantly adjusting, they still can not prevent the decline of the color TV industry. In the eyes of many people in the industry, the reason why the growth of the color TV industry is weak, and even the phenomenon of regression, in addition to the serious homogenization of products, there is also a lack of motivation to drive consumers to change new products.
The domestic market is sluggish. Why can't color TV be sold out?
For "why on earth can't the color TV market work"? According to an industry observer, "after years of development, the color TV market has been extremely saturated, LCD TV has been popularized, and now consumers generally lack the power to replace new color TV."
Even less optimistic, according to industry forecasts, this year's color TV market sales are likely to continue to decline. In fact, looking at the performance of the color TV industry in recent years, it is not difficult to find that since the cold winter tide in 2017, the whole market has not shown any signs of turning over.
The information we have learned from professionals in the industry is, "Compared with the downturn in the industry, the most worrying thing is that the whole color TV market has entered an era of low-price competition. As some Internet brands continue to rely on cost-effectiveness to plunder market resources, while driving the sales of color TV sets, it also encourages low-cost competition.
So the question is, where is the way to break down the color TV industry?
In the current downturn of the industry as a whole, more enterprises choose new technology products as the fulcrum to develop high-end market, and 8K is undoubtedly the most important breakthrough.
At present, the industry generally believes that 2019 may become the real first year of the 8K era. This year, as major manufacturers have launched 8K TV products, 8K resolution of the new benchmark will soon mount a broader stage.
As a new generation of resolution standard, 8K has been overwhelming although it has just started. On March 1 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television and the Central Broadcasting and Television Station jointly issued the Action Plan for the Development of Ultra-High Definition Video Industry (2019-2022). It is proposed that the Ultra-High Definition Video Industry will be vigorously promoted in accordance with the overall technical line of "4K first, taking into account 8K".
It is expected that by 2022, the overall scale of China's UHD video industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan, the number of users will reach 200 million, the ecological system of 4K industry will be basically perfect, and breakthroughs will be made in the research and development and industrialization of 8K key technology products to form a group of internationally competitive enterprises.
Among them, Sharp, as the earliest producer of 8K TV, launched 85-inch 8K LCD TV as early as 2015, and the 80A9BW TV released during this year's China Electrical Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE) has been the third generation of 8K TV.
At the critical moment of 5G landing, whether it is Sharp, Skyworth, Hisense, TCL, or the Internet brand led by Millet, they all intend to make a big show in the 5G field.
In addition, industry insiders said that the advent of 5G also provides a shortcut for the Internet of Things. At present, the biggest problem of the Internet of Things is that the connection speed between things is not fast enough and the reaction is not sensitive enough. Therefore, many smart home products are isolated in the actual application scenarios. once TV becomes the terminal entrance of smart home equipment, it will effectively improve the current development situation and provide more imagination space.
It is worth noting that for the 5G + 8K industry, the new change is not only popular among the industry, but also has relevant policy support. Including the overall technical route of "4K first and 8K first" mentioned above, and the realization of 8K live broadcasting at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022 are also considered as the result of policy support.
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